As the Great War rages, Arthur Jefferies, a young, eager Englishman answers his country’s call to arms. He leaves behind his wife and unborn child and sets out for basic training and then to the front, thoughts of honour, duty and glory in his mind. The reality, he soon finds, is quite different. His battalion bunker down in a trench on the Western Front with the Germans a mere hundred feet away on the other side of No Man’s Land. 

Meanwhile, in the opposite trench, a German marksman, Nikolaus, lies in wait. He too has left his wife behind to go and fight for his country. Thoughts of his wife plague his mind and consume him. He is done with war, done with the horror and the violence. 

Their War’ is the story of these two soldiers at war. At war with each other and at war with themselves. Both men have family at home that they have left behind to go and fight for their country. To do their duty. The film follows them as they try to deal with and partake in the atrocities of war. They need to get home, home to their families and loved ones.

They need to survive.